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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Reissued

Although I can't say that I've been an avid Tom Petty fan, I've always had a great deal of respect for his musical abilities.  As a result, my Petty consumption has been limited to the 'best of' or 'greatest hits' category, which I now find quite sad.

It wasn't until a few months ago when I picked up a limited 7" featuring off-record "Damn the Torpedoes" tracks, "Nowhere" and "Surrender," that I realized what beautiful and rich production TP and the gang have become famous for.

As a result, when I discovered that Chris Bellman was mastering the reissues of both the self-titled debut album as well as "You're Gonna Get It" for Record Store Day, I bit the bullet and dropped the cash.  I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Self-Titled release on Standard 120 gram WHITE vinyl

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - You're Gonna Get It release on Standard 120 gram Transparent BLUE vinyl

Although I don't have the original releases for comparison, these remasters are unbelievable!  Guitars leap effortlessly from left channel to right channel, the percussion has pulsating bite, and the vocals are clear and upfront (for the most part).

Completely satisfied with these copies, I then set out for the tour-de-force itself, "Damn the Torpedoes" - the deluxe edition on limited double vinyl.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedoes release on 2 LP 180 gram BLACK vinyl

Extras include a second disc of unreleased/alternate and live tracks, in paper/poly sleeves, with high definition download, and a 12 x 12 photo/lyric book, all within a beautiful gatefold

I couldn't recommend this reissue any more.  Granted, the album initially sold millions of copies and can easily be discovered in the used racks for a few bucks...but THIS release is the way the album needs to be heard.  Simply put, it's sex for the ears.

Kick back and enjoy, I know I have been.

Click READ MORE for a full track list and audio players.


Track Listings:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Self Titled

Side One

  1. "Rockin' Around (With You)" (Petty, Mike Campbell) – 2:26
  2. "Breakdown" – 2:42
  3. "Hometown Blues" – 2:12
  4. "The Wild One, Forever" – 3:01
  5. "Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll" – 2:24

Side Two

  1. "Strangered in the Night" – 3:30
  2. "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)" – 3:49
  3. "Mystery Man" – 3:02
  4. "Luna" – 3:57
  5. "American Girl" – 3:31


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - You're Gonna Get It!

Side One

  1. "When the Time Comes" – 2:48
  2. "You're Gonna Get It" – 2:59
  3. "Hurt" (Petty, Mike Campbell) – 3:19
  4. "Magnolia" – 3:02
  5. "Too Much Ain't Enough" – 2:58

Side Two

  1. "I Need to Know" – 2:27
  2. "Listen to Her Heart" – 3:05
  3. "No Second Thoughts" – 2:42
  4. "Restless" – 3:24
  5. "Baby's a Rock 'n' Roller" (Petty, Campbell) – 2:55


    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedoes (Deluxe Edition)

    Side One

    1. "Refugee" (Petty, Mike Campbell) – 3:22
    2. "Here Comes My Girl" (Petty, Campbell) – 4:27
    3. "Even the Losers" – 4:01
    4. "Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)" – 4:25
    5. "Century City" – 3:45

    Side Two

    1. "Don't Do Me Like That" – 2:44
    2. "You Tell Me" – 4:35
    3. "What Are You Doin' in My Life?" – 3:27
    4. "Louisiana Rain" – 5:54

    Deluxe Edition Disc 2

    Side One

    1. "Nowhere"
    2. "Surrender"
    3. "Casa Dega" (Petty, Campbell)
    4. "It's Rainin' Again"

    Side Two

    1. "Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)"
    2. "Don't Do Me Like That"
    3. "Somethin' Else" (Eddie Cochran)
    4. "Casa Dega (Demo version)" (Petty, Campbell)
    5. "Refugee (early version)" (Petty, Campbell)

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